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Welcome to Semillita Estelar!

Soul ☆ Self-awareness ☆ Transformation

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"The 'semillita estelar' (little starseed) within me

salutes the 'semillita estelar' (little starseed) within you."

My name is Cristina. You can call me Cris.

I am glad and grateful for your visit!​

The creation of Semillita Estelar arose from the desire to connect with other 'little starseeds', exchange knowledge, assist in the expansion of consciousness, continue to grow and evolve...​

As a website, Semillita Estelar was created with the intention of facilitating online Akashic Records consultations/readings (since 2014) and energy therapies.

In addition, through this space I am open to share information about my life – as a 'star seed', woman, mother of three, practitioner of moving meditation, that have trained in science, pediatric dentistry, and various complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities-, that may be helpful to other 'little starseeds' in their energy harmonization process.

Click here to learn more about the formation of Semillita Estelar and, of course, learn more about me.

Infinite blessings to all!


PS: To avoid misunderstanding, from now on instead of writing 'semillita estelar', I'll be writing 'little starseed'. 😉



Most requested Akashic Records readings​



Remembering your Little Starseed

Remembering your Little Starseed is an Akashic Records reading in which you will obtain information about: a) your soul group of origination or galactic group; b) your primary energy center / archangelic realm.

It is a sought after reading for those who are curious to know or remember only the information about their soul group of origination and primary energy center.

In addition, it is for those who wish to integrate the information of self-knowledge - understanding of themselves, of the soul, of the cosmos - gradually and then continue expanding horizons and incorporating more information.

For more information about this reading please enter the button shown below.


Harmonize with your Little Starseed

Harmonize with your Little Starseed is considered the most complete Akashic Records reading. In it, in addition to obtaining the information of Remembering your Little Starseed, you will obtain knowledge about: a) general profile of current life - a) information about your Godspark, spheres of protection, spiritual guides (number and vibration), life themes (main and secondary), etc.; b) general profile of past lives - historical periods and spiritual traditions of greatest impact, etc.; c) energetic blockages of past lives and present life; d) prayer for transmutation of energy blockages.

For more information about this reading please enter the button shown below.


Little Starseed: Mother-Father-Children

Little Starseed: Mother-Father-Children is the perfect Akashic Records reading for all types of family union and not necessarily in the order mother-father-children...

The family can choose between the reading Remembering your Little Starseed or Harmonize with your Little Starseed. In addition, it includes a simple relationship reading between family members.

For more information about this reading please enter the button shown below.


Reconnect with your Spirit Guides

Reconnect with your Spirit Guides is an Akashic Records reading where your Akashic Record is accessed to gain in-depth information about your spirit guides - inner and outer circle guides - with the intention that you can reconnect with them.

In this reading you will gain the following information about your inner circle spirit guides: a) the origin soul group; b) primordial energy center; c) soul vibration; and more.

For more information about this reading please enter the button shown below.


Additional and/or Follow-up Consultations

For more information about Additional and/or Follow-up Akashic Records Consultations please enter the button shown below.

Other Services


Reiki & Sound for every Little Starseed

Reiki & Sound healing sessions

For more information about these sessions, please contact me.

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Little Starseed in Motion

Moving Meditation Sessions

For more information about Little Starseed in Motion please click on the button below.


"He who does not know himself knows nothing; but he who knows himself has at the same time acquired the knowledge of the depth of the All."


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